Professional Business Fraternity
Lambda Pi | University of San Diego
Our Chapter

Rocky Beas - President: Presides over chapter meetings. Ensures chapter officers fulfill their duties and appoint committees.

Nikki Barden - Senior Vice President: Oversees recruiting activities and assists the chapter president.

Greg Shamoon - Chancellor: Presides over meetings and trials of the chapter. Ensures the chapter's bylaws and policies are up to date, and submitted annually.

Alex White - VP Pledge Education: Administers the pledge program.

Eric Moshcatel - VP Finance: Oversee the preparation of chapter budget. Reports the status of chapter finances at chapter meetings. Keeps an account of all receipts and expenditures.

Courtney Macfarlane - VP Chapter Operations: Record minutes at all chapter meetings. Handle all correspondence to/from the chapter.

Marshall Lefferts - VP Professional Affairs: Develops and implements the professional program. Organize professional events and speakers.

Christian Oertli - VP Community Service: Develops and implements a community service program for the chapter. Plans service projects and events.

Tess Kalfayan - VP Scholarship & Awards: Develops programs to foster and recognize academic achievement. Inform chapter about opportunities for individual or chapter recognition.

Alex Smith-Farina - VP Alumni Relations: Informs alumni of chapter activities. Works as the chapter's historian.

Kiko Lamb - VP Marketing: Works to increase community and campus awareness of the Fraternity.

Hope Pilkerton - Chapter Fundraising Co Chair: Sets fundraising goals and plans successful fundraising events for the chapter.

Gwyneth Wilkins - VP Brotherhood: Plans brotherhood actives to increase chapter morale.

Kelly Goles and Graham Wagner - Professional Development Chair: Aids in the chapter members professional development for future career opportunities.

Graeme Henderson - Interchapter Chair: Maintains good relationships with other DSP chapters.